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Meadow Creek Community Cemetery

Donations 2005

Birth,Death,Marriage Records
Burial Records A - M
Burial Records N - Z
Photo Gallery

Thanks to the following people for their donations to maintain and care for the cemetery for the year 2005.  With your support we hope to continue the care and upkeep of the cemetery and road. 

Burdette, James
Meadow Creek, WV
Ceperley, Florian & Axson
Charleston, WV
Fox, Macil
Hinton, WV
Gwinn, Homer & Brenda
Hinton, WV
Jones, JR., Eugene & Mary Pat
Meadow Creek, WV
Kerr, James & Jo Ellen
Hinton, WV
McMillion, Romona
Sandstone, WV
Pivont Funeral Home
Hinton, WV
Richmond, Charles & Jo Ann
Meadow Creek, WV
Ronald Meadows Funeral Parlors, Inc.
Hinton, WV
Spicer, Jerry & Shirley
Hinton, WV
Wilfong, Gene & Dreama
Meadow Creek, WV