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Meadow Creek Community Cemetery
Gwinn History
Birth,Death,Marriage Records
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Let me start by saying I have tried to get the Gwinn family history as accurate as possible. I would like to thank Iola Gwinn, Opal "Gwinn" Morrison and Beckie Rawdon for the information they have provided to help make this information available to you. I'm sorry if you find some errors in my dates and names. I did try to compare all three of these lady's information against each other and go with the ones that compared the best. Also I have  found information in the Raleigh County Library, Summers County Library and the internet that I have compared to their information.
Most of the information I have listed here is directed towards the Gwinns that settled here in Meadow Creeek. Please contact me with any information or questions.
Let's get started!  The *  in front of a name is the blood line to the Meadow Creek Gwinns. Some names were spelled "Gwin".
1.*Edward Gwinn - Born-Wales, England, unknown wife
     Edward had the following children
     i. *Robert Gwin Ap Edward
     ii.  Reginald Gwinn Sir.
2. *Robert Gwin Ap Edward - Born in Wales, unknown wife
      Robert had the following children
     i. *Robert Gwinn - Born around 1725 in Wales
     ii.  Roland Gwin Sir.
     iii. John Gwin
     iv. Patrick Gwin
     v. William Gwin
     vi. David Gwin
3. *Robert Gwinn - Born in Wales around 1725. Died Augusta Co., Va.
      Wife-Jean Kincaid-Born around 1725 in of Albemarle, Va. Died in
      Augusta Co., Va.   They had the following children-
     i.     David Gwinn, Capt. - Born abt. 1742  Died abt 1822
     ii.    James Gwinn Sr. - Born abt 1744  Died abt 1804
     iii. *Samuel Gwinn Sr. - Born abt 1745  Died 3/25/1839
     iv.   Robert Gwinn, JR. - Born abt 1746  Died abt 1818
     v.    Simon Gwinn - Born abt 1748 Augusta, VA.  Died in Ky.
     vi.   Agnes Gwinn - Born abt 1750  Died abt 1795
     vii.  Joseph Gwinn, 1st LT - Born abt 1753  Died abt 1817
     viii. Thomas Gwinn - Born abt 1755
     ix.   Nell Gwinn
4. *Samuel Gwinn, SR. - (Son of Robert Gwinn and Jean Kincaid)
      Born around 1745 in Highland, Augusta,Va
      He died on March 25 1839 in Green Sulphur Springs, VA (WV)
      and was buried in Lick Creek, Raleigh, VA (WV) in the Gwinn
      Samuel's first wife was Elizabeth Speece. Elizabeth was born about
      1755 in Virginia.  Samuel married Elizabeth in Augusta County, VA.
      Samuel and Elizabeth Speece had the following children (still verifing)
      i.    Samuel Gwinn, JR.-Born about 1772. Died about Sept. 8, 1863
      ii. *Moses Gwinn-Born about 1774. Died about 1823
      iii.  Ruth Lockridge Gwinn-Born about 4/12/1783.  Died about
      iv.  Andrew Gwinn-Born about 1786. Died about 6/11/1863
      v.   John Gwinn-Born about 2/2/1789. Died about 7/27/1873
      vi.  Jane Gwinn-Born about 10/25/1790. Died about 10/25/1851
      vii. Elizabeth "Betsy" Gwinn-Born about 2/22/1791. Died about
      viii.Isabella Gwinn-Born about 10/18/1793. Died about 10/18/1852
      ix. Ephriam J. Gwinn-Born about 1/14/1799. Died about 6/3/1887
      His second wife was Elizabeth Lockridge. (Other marriages of
      Elizabeth Lockridge are: Robert Gay and Robert Graham) 
      Samuel married Elizabeth about 1799 in Augusta, VA.  Elizabeth
      was born about 1759 in Augusta County, VA. She died on
      January 25, 1832 in Green Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier, VA.
      (WV) She was buried in the Gwinn Cemetery, Green Sulphur Springs, 
      (Lick Creek) VA. (WV)
      Samuel and Elizabeth Lockridge (Graham) had the following children.
      (I am still verifing this information and have no birth dates)
      i.   Salathel Gwinn
      ii.  Margret Gwinn
      iii. James Gwinn
      iv. Robert Gwinn
      v.  Thompson Gwinn
      vi. Alexander Gwinn
More to come as time allows!

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